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Workshop: Leadership Strategy by Mike Temple


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Strategy and Culture Development

Strategy doesn’t have to be stressful or costly. We provide the expertise and execution capabilities of a larger firm for a fraction of the investment.

Temple Executive Coaching provides you with a complete strategic planning and accountability process that gets everyone on the same page and allows you to:

A. Answer the most important strategic questions to give your organization an edge and agree on only the most important priorities required for success.

B. Put in place accountability and a structure to make sure that your strategy actually gets implemented by the whole organization, while drawing on your employees, knowledge, and expertise.

C. Your company develops a culture, whether you actively influence it or not. The culture will grow based on the inputs it receives. If you are not actively steering the company toward the culture you want, then you will get a culture you don’t want. Our coaches take a deep dive approach to flush out the true core principles of your organization.

We then show you techniques to put in place that help establish the real culture of your organization.

Date & Time
July 4, 2021
Start - 11:30 PM
July 5, 2021
End - 12:30 PM US/Pacific

We Meet At Google Meet (online)

--We Meet At Google Meet (online)--
--We Meet At Google Meet (online)--
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